Getting started in the Community Shares of COSH

How it works for members on-line.

Offers and wants appear on our website in the tabs at the top of the page. A member makes email contact with another member to express an "Offer or Want" and initiate a task. These members agree on its value, expressed in hours, and the task is completed.

To file the accounts, an exchange takes place on this website, each member confirms the task value, and the exchange is recognized in each account.

An annual 'fee' of time will be used to support one of our selected charities. In exchange, we have arranged that these charities will provide us with some administrative or physical support. Your fee each year is 4 COSH, required initially and before you are introduced into the members task pool, to list your offers and learn of other's wants. The 'fee' does not cover the operating costs of the Timebank (website registration, photocopies, and similar fixed costs) but does build up a Community Chest of COSH SHares.

How it will work off-line

As we stabilise the Timebank, we expect to hold quarterly introductory meetings to meet all members and possibly display the website information in a printed catalog. To facilitate transport, Timebank will try to coordinate meetings with Farmer's Market days, or other related evening meetings. More liaisons with charities will grow; please suggest worthy groups.

Start By Making a Commitment to Resilience, and Create Wealth within your Community.