FAQ and less frequently asked Q?


What is a trade "to confirm"

It is an exchange awaiting confirmation of your partner.

What is a trade "recognized"

This is confirmed by an exchange, which has been debited / credited to respective accounts.


The preferred words follow, to avoid 'financial' vocabulary so as to not confuse the two systems!

  • instead of "check", use "voucher" or "trading COSH"
  • instead of "selling" and "buy", use  "gives", "supply", "exchange", "receives"
  • instead of "transaction", use  "trade" 
  • talk about "service" that you supply to someone who needs it, "wealth" you receive.

Your Account

How do I access my account?  -Click on your name (top right).
How do I change my email password?  -Click on your name (top right)> Edit Account> Save Changes.
How do I change my address?  - Click on your name (top right)> Edit profile> Save Changes.
How to see a list of My Exchange?   -Click on your name> My Exchanges

Offers & Requests

What if a supply / demand / Exchange appears in the "wrong" category (eg "Miscellaneous")

The software scans all the words in your ads and automatically in the class / category, the corresponding s-s using a system of synonyms. It's not perfect, but has the advantage of being scalable because synonyms are updated regularly. If your offer / request / exchange is not in the "proper" category, you can try to modify it by changing or adding a few words that are probably in the targeted category. Otherwise, members will find it in a search.

How to add a Supply / Demand

There are many ways, but here is the easiest: click on your name> My Offers / Requests> Create a new offer (or request) OR click on "Offers" in the top navigation> form appears in the lower left click on "Applications" in the top navigation> form appears in the lower left.


Contacting a member?  - Here is the quickest method: click on "Members" in the top navigation> click on their name or membership number to go to their account> click on "contact".
How to enter my exchange of the current year

The objective is to monitor and capture all your exchanges in the current year, without making too many duplicates.

  1. Download your Excel sheet exchange of SELduLac located in the Docs site "Leaves of exchange members of <date> "
  2. Print it for future reference when writing your discussions on the site.
  3. Gather your vouchers.
  4. Exchange the current year in pencil and cross out the exchange already recorded on the sheet Excel exchanges that you just printed.
  5. Then in the "Members" of the site, click on your name, then click on "My Exchange". You have the list of trades already entered for the online site. Trade with a green light in the Status column are recorded and can not be changed. (Duplicates? See below). Trade with amber may be modified or deleted as appropriate to your entry.
  6. Once you have checked and deleted the exchange already entered on the Excel sheet and the site, you are ready to seize new trade.
  7. Click "Enter Exchange" under your name at the top right, and within minutes you have entered all your trading! Please describe your interaction in 4 words minimum please for they are in the right category more.

Duplicates? First try to "remove" the exchange in question. Otherwise, you can enter an exchange of "correction" (with the same person but the seeds are in the opposite direction). Put in the description: "correction of the exchange" X "" X "." That's it. I took all the leaves exchange received before June 15 of the person who sent the leaves, but the exchange does not necessarily have been seized from the person who did not send his paper (for the same exchange). This can be difficult to grant the parties. To you to be flexible and understanding. If you do not have copies of your exchange leaves sent to me since June 15, I refer you happy. Courage, making this work, consider the accounting grains did it for years to 100 members. ;) How to Enter


Click on the link "Enter Exchange" under your name at the top right. It is important you control your communications "to confirm" before entering a new exchange, to avoid duplicates. If your partner has not confirmed the exchange, you can edit or delete it.

What if the partner has not confirmed the exchange

First, to show a little patience. Some people check their emails once a week. Others may be on vacation or absent for long periods. After a while, you can restart the phone, or possibly by email.

Do I change already entered an exchange

Yes, if your partner in the exchange has not yet confirmed the exchange. You can even delete it.

What does the column "Status" show?  - "Green" is a confirmed exchange,  "Orange" is an exchange that awaits confirmation of your partner,  "Red" means that the exchange entered into mediation and is pending resolution.
exchange duplicates?

If the exchange has not yet been confirmed, the person who took the exchange can remove it. If the exchange is confirmed, you can enter an exchange of "correction" (with the same number of grains in the opposite direction with the same person). Put in the description: "correction of the exchange" X "" X "." So the two exchanges cancel each other.



What is a contribution

The assumption that if each member contributes to the association, there is less fee, we display in the "Contributions" from the site helping hand to the operation of SEL. Volunteer for these tasks by contacting the person in the right column. You will be credited with a point "Contributions" for each task accomplished.



How to print a list

Click the "printer" that is located at bottom of pages. All pages have not this possibility. Tip: Look at the preview before printing, because the lists can be long. Remember to limit the consumption of paper using the site.


I have no access to information

Only users who have entered their member ID and password can view the ad details and addresses of members.

Why did a new site

With the increase in the number of members, the seizure of trade and the division of labor became necessary. The site also aims to:

  • promote exchange
  • strengthen ties between members
  • increase transparency
  • lower the solidarity contribution (tax).
Who created the basic tool to manage LETS?

Hello, we are the creators of this management tool for LETS. Matthew Slater, a computer technician, Tim Anderson, a member of SALT. Our first "client" was to SELduLac Geneva. from our tool, we imported data SELduLac, suitable interface, consisting of committee members and we follow up and maintenance for one year. We provide our expertise of other LETS to build the same trading platform. If interested in more detail, please contact http://communityforge.net