Your account is set up by the Administrator, and then you can:

  • start transactions with other members
  • add and edit your personal Offers and Wants directly to the website
  • Send messages to the Administrators of the website
  • edit your Profile information, load up your photo, tell your story, and introduce yourself

If you want to become a member, send your information by the contact form here:  http://nelson.cosh.net.nz/contact

or send a simple email to  info@nelson.cosh.net.nz, to include your first or nickname, and surname, neighbourhood and preferred phone number.  I like to give my mobile number and communicate via texts.  You will be able to modify all that information directly.  Each member of a household has their own account.  

You will receive an email confirming your membership and you can add more detail to your profile yourself.

When you have energy and enthusiasm, you may join in the administration, and, as a committee member, you will be able to:

  • edit announcements, FAQ, pages and categories
  • create Requests & Acknowledgements 
  • Liaison with Charities we support and manage the COSH COmmunity SHares
  • manage images

This software is ready for your community to use, and the software developers, Community Forge, are working round the clock - and round the world - to improve this service!